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A Creative & Healing Arts Studio



Welcome to your  place for Holistic, Creative and Healing arts. 

What's that mean exactly???

WE are thrilled you asked! That means we know you are more than just a body... You have feelings, thoughts, aspirations, passions and yes- frustrations, challenges and things that need loving attention to be better.

The mission and purpose of Hummingbird, is to tend to the whole you, mind, body & spirit. We want you to thrive, not just survive.


We deeply believe in addressing the fullness of who you are to reach new levels (higher and deeper) of joy, full self-expression, confidence and just feeling good in your body and life!


OUR services:

      All that Hummingbird offers, (from music lessons to guidance and support through a life transition) benefit all the aspects of you! For instance, our music lessons not only free your spirit, they inspire your thinking and release chemicals that feel wonderful in your body! Our Bodywork, not only relaxes ones muscles, it soothes the soul and clears the mind... All that we do is for all that you are.

We are happy to work with all ages- kids through our elderly community, those with experience in creative and healing arts and those who are curious beginners. 

Though all we offer incorporates and benefits your mind, body and spirit, We have categorized our services under the most fitting/predominant theme. 

The Mind tab features:

         Private Coaching/Counseling Sessions

         Transformative Group Classes


The Body tab features:

          Integrative Bodywork/ Body Love Massage

          Hummingbird Yoga


The Spirit tab features:

         Private Music Lessons

         Sound Healing Sessions

         Soul Singers- Group Singing Classes

          We love people, we are happy to answer your questions and address any concerns or inquiries. Don't hesitate to reach out!


         Love and Blessings,

Vanessa Beggs  &  Lauren Condon