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Meet Vanessa, Lauren &

                    The Heavenly Biscuits


                      Vanessa Rae Beggs- Life Coach, Holistic Practitioner, Teacher, Facilitator, Musician


              Vanessa Rae Beggs is an Oakland, California native, who has been active in the healing arts community since her first certification as a holistic healer from The Mendocino School for Holistic Massage and Advanced Healing Arts in 2001. Shortly afterwards she received her Yoga teacher certification from The Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Center and she has been a professional holistic practitioner in the healing arts community, both teaching and facilitating one-on-one for over 20 years now. 

              Some of her favored educational adventures include traveling, studying and receiving further training and certifications in Energy Medicine, Chi Nei Tsang, and later more western approaches of personal development, including multiple courses at Landmark Education. A long time "geek" of the mystical and miraculous, (as she refers to herself), she has joined these innate passions with her other God-given love... MUSIC. Vanessa has been singing since she was a wee one. First touring to Canada at 14 years old, joining her first professional band at 18, and continuing on to play in a jazz quartet, punk band and eventually her own rock band featuring her original music under the name Vanessa and Her Many Moons. The band released an album which got a glowing review in Oakland California's East Bay Express. As a session musician she recorded for multiple commercials for clients such as Haagen Daz, Fuji, Panasonic and Subaru as well as singing the end title track for Alex Cox's (Repo Man, Sid & Nancy) film, Searchers 2.0. In 2007, Vanessa graduated from the esteemed Mills College in Oakland Ca, receiving her BA in Music with Honors. 

             She began her teaching music later that year, which was another well-fitted match, due to her love of people, music and helping. After teaching music to children and adults for 6 years she plateaued and needed something new... She desired to understand more about the psychology of people and how to breakthrough challenges, communication barriers and reach new levels. It was then that Vanessa decided to sign up for her next personal and professional challenge, and she began her intensive 14 month program in Integrative Coaching to reach that new level of understanding, knowledge, personal development and success. She graduated from the Ford Institute of Integral Studies as a certified Integrative Coach, one of the first and only in the world in 2014.    

             Since then, everything she does incorporates this deep psycho-spiritual training.

Whether leading a singing self-expression class, giving one-on-one life coaching or

doing healing bodywork- she infuses ALL of her diverse, varied and unique training

as well as bringing her full joyful, loving self to every session and every class. 

            Her mission is to infuse and integrate her holistic view of what it takes for a

person to truly be happy and successful in their life- with all that she does. Whether

you are studying music with her, getting bodywork or in need of coaching to move

through a tricky transition in your life- Vanessa brings her mind, body and spirit to

your service- in your service.  

           She is honored and grateful to have a private practice, for many years now, that 

she feels so passionate and inspired about. She has helped hundreds of clients access

joy, freedom, confidence, happiness and love- their God given birthright. Away from

the Hummingbird studio, Vanessa is an active musician, singing her heart out in the

power duo, The Heavenly Biscuits, with her bestie, Lauren Condon. As if all this wasn't enough- the light of her heart and heart of her life is her sweetheart daughter, Violet, who is now 7. Violet may be seen at a Heavenly Biscuits show when appropriate and at many community events with Vanessa. They happily reside in Latrobe PA.

To read Vanessa's personal story, go to the Blog tab, "My Hero's Journey".

                       Lauren Condon - Musician, Performer, Teacher, Instructor and Facilitator


                                                                                              Lauren Condon has been playing, writing and performing music 

                                                                                  most  of her life. Growing up in a house full of music, it was impossible for                                                                                    her not to follow her dreams of being a musician and teacher.  


                                                                                             Lauren has made teaching in a classroom setting and the facilitation                                                                                      of meetings not only part of her music career but also a part of her                                                                                                    professional career as a corporate trainer and instructor.  Teaching music                                                                                        to both children and adults is her first love and passion.


                                                                                             Over the years, Lauren has performed with Masquerade, New World                                                                                    Connection, Adventure, Chris & and Lauren and many other bands.                                                                                              Lauren is currently performing with Vanessa Beggs and The Heavenly                                                                                            Biscuits. She also has worked extensively in recording studios working                                                                                            with singer/songwriter productions.

            Her musical influences include Mary Chapen Carpenter and Bonnie Raitt. Lauren also is inspired by local performers who have found their joy in music. She hosts multiple Open Mic events and also is involved in many community fundraising events. Recently founding the “Chicks with Picks” and "She Sings" concert series, which

benefits the Blackburn Center, Greensburg, PA.