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    Body Love Bodywork Sessions:


                                               This intimate, comforting, safe, Body Love session is a profound, kind and loving time to heal and feel good.  The sessions begin with a check-in to discuss your concerns, feelings, belief system and challenges. Then we move into the physical treatment portion, on the massage table, (either fully clothed, partially clothed or unclothed, with proper draping as per your preference.) Our focus areas will be your "challenge" areas, and may include abdominal massage, kneading of fat, fascia work on scarred skin and work on traumatized areas to circulate new energy and promote growth and healing.

You will be guided to use visualization and breathing techniques to move through your blockages to release stress, trapped emotions and negative thinking, while loving touch and healing attentive energy is directed at you and on your body. It's time to accept, love and heal, and it will be my great honor to help you with this.

                                                                       60 min-120 min in length at