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Transformative Group Classes

              Workshops and small group classes are a wonderful way to be exposed to this material in a way that allows for less personal exposure and intimacy than a private session, community support, some socializing, while still receiving the benefits of personal growth and insight.

            One class is offered every semester as part of the Empowered Living Series. These classes range from 4-8 weeks and provide support, education, guidance and healing to transform a specific area (or many areas) of your life. Popular previous group classes are; Relationships 101, Money Manifestation and the most attended, Body Love.


           Currently, The Game of Life: And How to Play It, will begin registration in Winter of 2018. Please check below for details.

The Game of Life:  And How To Play It


              If you suffer in the areas of health, wealth, love or self-expression, this 8-Week  study course will assist, educate, and support you in having your Divine life. You don't have to settle for what you're used to. You just have to be willing to accept help and receive the blessing.




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