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Mind-Body Yoga

                      This trifold class focuses on the whole you, as the complete energy system you are. You are an emotional being, a thinking being, a creative being and a being with a spirit and connection to a Greater/Higher/Divine source, who also has a vast physical body of muscles, bones, organs, nerves, chemicals and billions and billions of cells working for you to be HERE right NOW!  

                      We combine our thoughts, intentions and breath with our movement and visualizing. We stretch, strengthen, expand, let go, relax and surrender. Not just relieving tension, stress and un-useful patterns in our bodies, but in our minds, thoughts, emotions and heart, as well. We make time and space to truly spend quality time with ourselves and listen to what's going on in our internal world. We explore the power of the mind and body working together toward common goals of health, wholeness, peace, beauty, prosperity, joy and love in these engaging classes. All levels welcome, beginners encouraged.


This 60 min class includes Reiki and aromatherapy. 


**This class is particularly recommended for those suffering from poor body image, low self esteem and general dissatisfaction or upset with themselves or their body.

Held at in two locations:

JG Yoga and Wellness

5954 Pennsylvania 981, Latrobe, PA, 15650

(Special Occasion, dates to be announced)

Building Bodeez Fitness Center

154 Pandora Rd, Derry, PA 15627

FREE for Building Bodeez members

$10 per class for nonmembers

                    Bring a your own yoga mat or use one provided and wear comfortable clothes.

                                        Journals and writing implements also welcome. 

                                                                    Expect to feel good!