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What is Life Coaching?


So glad you asked!

               Coaching, or Life Coaching, is an emerging profession internationally, but particularly popular in the Western world. It varies from practitioner to practitioner, with some coaches being without certification and rigorous training, and others, including Vanessa, having multiple professional trainings and regulated certifications.


              For the purpose of Hummingbirds coaching service, Life coaching is a mix of psychological therapy, personal development and spiritual clarity and understanding, to aid, support and guide a client through a transition or to transform an area, or multiple areas, of their life. The spiritual nature of this work does not conflict with any religion. You can be of any religion or no religion. All that is required is the willingness to have an open mind and heart. This work is deep and involves a shift in ones mindset, an examination of ones feelings and an honoring of ones true desires. 

             Sessions mostly involve sitting and talking, with some reflection, journaling, homework and meditation/centering. The role of the coach is to help you get to the answers, solutions and truth, hidden inside of you. common results include a return to clarity, creativity, joy, confidence and a sense of purpose and direction. 

            For added benefit, Vanessa likes to include some healing relaxation time at the end of the session... For in person clients, she lays them on the massage table and administers a laying of the hands, a relaxing, healing and assimilation technique to help ground the changes into the body. For video chat and phone sessions, she asks the clients to lie on the ground while remote energetic healing/Reiki takes place- also to integrate the positive changes. This type of coaching is called Integrative (Life) Coaching and Vanessa's specialty is working with women in need of self-esteem, empowerment, inner knowing and to heal from poor body-image.

Who is Integrative Life Coaching for?

        Some people feel stuck in complacency and suffer with low self-image, insecurity, are overwhelmed with confusion, resentments, doubts, recurring negative patterns, anxiety and depression...  and an ineffective life they are just uninspired by. Sometimes this is a temporary for all of us and sometimes it's a more chronic condition for a group (a large group) of us.

        lf you, or someone you care about, is settling for merely surviving your life, when deep down you yearn to LOVE YOUR LIFE and you know you are meant to be thriving, (you just don't know how). I can help you. 


        As a Certified Integrative Coach, trained energy healer and intuitive empath from birth, I've been preparing and perfecting this role. I will guide you to breakthrough what's been holding you back, and shift into your God given gifts of Joy, Freedom, Authentic Confidence, Contribution and Radiance, to create the Miraculous life you are called to lead.

You are a candidate for this work if you are looking to have some, most, or all of the following results:


  • Transform negative thought patterns into a productive, positive and healthy mindset

  •  Live with purpose and a deeper sense of knowing   

  • Relieve stress your experience of suffering by accessing inner peace and clarity

  • Master communication skills and "right speech", benefiting all your relationships

  • Cultivate personal power, authentic confidence and enthusiasm for life

  • Grow your creativity and be a more fully self-expressed YOU

  • Feel and look your vital, radiant and beaming best Self

  • Inhabit your body with joy, comfort, grace, and beauty

  • Love being yourself

Coaching Prices and Options

                                     Over the Phone or Video Chat


This option is recommended for the elderly, depressed/anxious, handicapped and those with driving/transportation challenges, as well as long distance, out-of-state and international clients. (And all those who want the ease, convenience and anonymity of sessions from your own home.)

                                60 min/$30                  *75 min/$40  (Recommended)           90 min/$50


                                           In-Person Sessions


              Sessions are held at JG Yoga in the Hummingbird Studio, 5954 Pennsylvania 981, Latrobe, 15650. 

                              60 min/$45                *75 min/$55  (Recommended)               90 min/$65


Sliding Scale pricing is available to those in financial need. Please inquire if you think this may be for you. It's our mission to get this profound work to all that are serious about making positive changes in their lives, for themselves and for the ripple effect it will cause.