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Hummingbird Holistic Services: (for the Whole YOU!)

Sessions are customized and personally tailored to your needs, interests and desires, providing you with the most undivided expert attention and the best possible results for you, specifically that day. Whether you are coming in to learn to sing and express yourself fully, you're in to heal your body, or transform a relationship, Hummingbird Mind-Body-Spirit services are the one stop shop for the WHOLE you!


Hummingbird has offerings ranging from FREE community concerts and group transformative workshops to private Reiki sessions and personal development coaching. Please scroll underneath the tab, "Services and Offerings" for the catagory of services, for a detailed description of each. 

As always, you're welcome to contact Vanessa Beggs directly with any questions or requests at Vanessa@Hummingbird-mbs.com

And check the Calendar tab to see classes and event schedule.