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Group Workshops & Classes

Sessions are customized and personally tailored to your needs, interests and desires, providing you with the most undivided expert attention and the best possible results for you specifically that day. To be available for the elderly, handicapped, those with driving/transportation challenges, as well as long distance, national and international clients, I also offer phone and skype sessions. 


This work is innovative and ancient at the same time. The healing modalities that make up this work are thousands of years old, come from all over the world and have helped millions of people. However, the application of these modalities, with coaching and Jungian psychology as well as empathic and intuitive abilities make this work groundbreaking, progressive and exciting! A truly unique art.

In-Person sessions:

Whether you opt for the 60-minute Basic Session or the 90-minute Intensive Session, every session is a woven together blend of Coaching (Mind), Bodywork/Massage/Yoga (Body) and Meditation/Energy Work (Spirit), to give you the trifold benefits of mind, body and spirit working together to achieve your goal. The intent-ful inclusion of these these three aspects, has proven to exponentially boost positive results, as we are treating the whole person, not just a part or an aspect of the whole. And because we are working one-on-one, each session is able to match your needs that specific day. 

Integrative Mind-Body Therapy

                                                 Private Sessions A La Carte: 



Basic Session: 60 Minutes,  $37- $67 Sliding Scale/Pay what you can  


Intensive Session: 90 Minutes, $67-$97  Sliding Scale/Pay what you can  


Good for the elderly, severely depressed, handicapped and those incapable of driving/transportation challenges.



Individual Packages:


Basic Program: Package 1

6 sessions, 60 minutes each,  

Pick your price between $37-$67 and deduct 10%

Basic Program: Package 2

12 sessions, 60 minutes each, 

Pick your price between $37-$67 and deduct 15%


Intensive Program: Package 1

6 sessions, 90 minutes each,

 Pick your price between $67-$97 and deduct 10%


Intensive Program: Package 2

12 sessions, 90 minutes each,

Pick your price between $67-$97 and deduct 15%

                     Integrative Mind-Body Therapy                        

Over Phone or Skype

**Good for the elderly, severely depressed, handicapped and those with driving/transportation challenges. As well as long distance, national and international clients!

Whether you opt for the 30-minute Flash Session or the 60-minute Full Session, you will get relief, support and guidance from a certified Integrative Coach Professional as well as the healing intuitive insight from an empathic Reiki Master. 

Flash Session: This 30 minute session fits perfectly in your lunch break or in between appointments on a busy day. This is a highly focused session, good for acute situations, used for support as a positive breath of fresh air during a difficult time.

$25/Session                                                $125/ 6 Session Package (Save $25)

Full Session: This full length and in depth session can be treated as routine self-care or on an "as needed" basis. Includes grounding, coaching and long distance Reiki.

$40/Session                                                $210/ 6 Session Package (Save $30)

Body Love Bodywork Sessions

This private, one hour Body Love session begins with a check-in to discuss your concerns, feelings, belief system and challenges you have in regards to your body. Then we move into the treatment portion, on the massage table, (either fully clothed, partially clothed or unclothed, and covered in sheets and blankets, as per your preference.) You will be given Reiki, (a Japanese energy healing), as well as other physical touch bodywork to soothe, comfort, circulate and ease tension.

You will be guided to use visualization and breathing techniques to move through your blockages to release stress, trapped emotions and negative thinking, while loving touch and healing attentive energy is directed at you and on your body. It's time to accept, love and heal, and it will be my great honor to help you with this.


1 Hour Session: $47

**Or $40 for current or previous students of the Body Love Course**