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   Who Our Clients Are 

&   What They Are Saying

                   Most of my clients are women, mothers, workers, homemakers, students, aspiring  creatives...  

MOST IMPORTANTLY, all of my clients were suffering with complacency, anxiety, fear, confusion and lacking the satisfaction of a fully self expressed life. They were disempowered, in some way, and longed for a more fulfilling existence. They all desired, deserved and believed they could have more- they just didn't know how. AND, these willing souls were brave and bold enough to take the next step to shifting into their Greatness and claiming their true selves!



                          Make the first move and the Universe will meet you.

                           Take the next step and the Universe will greet you...

Kind Words from Wonderful Clients

"Had you not been in my life back in June, I don't know where my state of mind would be right now. You truly have helped me to see it's up to me to be happy and to fulfill my divine purpose in life. Our paths crossed for a reason and at the perfect time. Thank you!"

Gabi Nastuck, Director Latrobe Art Center

Latrobe, PA

"Through her vast knowledge in the healing arts, her experience as an artist and skills as a coach, Vanessa has helped me work through my limiting beliefs and take myself seriously as a creative writer, teacher and person. She is caring and encouraging, yet tough and honest. By working with her, I have a better sense of how to listen to my inner voice and ignore all the negative self-talk and chatter that gets me in the way of myself.  I strongly recommend Vanessa to anyone who needs a safe, creative space to develop and grow as a singer, musician, writer or creative individual in general. I am so grateful to be working with her!"

Wendy Snyder, Writer at Oakland School for the Arts Teacher and Mom

Oakland, CA

"I've done some of most transformative work of my life by her guidance over a few short weeks. In a world crowded with ineffective but well meaning "new age" coaches, she brings a rare authenticity and presence to her practice. You would be lucky to work with her!"

Kathryn McCormick, Holistic Health Coach

Houston, TX

"Vanessa embodies self expression! Her stage presence, coaching and communication are both warm, supportive and effective. Being around her is an invitation to step further into your own self expression and passion. I highly recommend her as a coach, a teacher and a self-expression leader!"

Michelle Fetsch, Founder of Women Enough

San Francisco, CA

I have been able to make great progress in understanding and being in touch with my deepest Self and have felt that I have been able to deepen my self-knowledge, which for me is really important. I would highly recommend Vanessa as a coach as she is caring, listens wholeheartedly and has really good insights to be able to guide me to the answers I most need to get. She's been really great. Thank you so much, Vanessa! I am truly grateful for your guidance and help!

Jenny, Facilitator for Diaconate Formation and Spiritual Life Coach

Alhambra, CA

"I am so grateful to have found this healing in my life. I feel transformed! I am more motivated and productive. I feel excited about my life again. I have more self esteem and feel more beautiful, stronger. I feel like I'm on an important journey and can't wait for each session to see what's next on the path."

Amanda Harman, Office Manager and Mother

Pittsburgh, PA

"A few months ago I went through an intensive personal coaching session with Vanessa. I was skeptical at the beginning as I had never done anything like this before. I was so moved and impressed with the quality of each session. Vanessa is gifted and professional in walking you through your journey and was able to enlighten me on so many areas of my inner life. I appreciated how she would share her own experiences which enabled me to trust and open up even deeper. I was able to shed some preconceived ideas that I had about myself and have used many of the tools we worked on together to move forward in my life. Vanessa's coaching work is profound, meaningful and absolutely life changing."

Lauren Flicker, Dental Hygienist, Pottery Artist and Mother

Kensington, CA

"Working with Vanessa helped me to regain control of my life. I am less stressed and more grounded. I've replaced negative thought patterns with positive and productive thoughts. Life is good again!"

Becky Sarver, PhD Student

Latrobe, PA

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