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The Game of Life:

  And how to play it

             This class is based on the wildly simple, yet  profoundly significant book, of the same name, written by the late,  gifted, metaphysicist, author, spiritual leader, healer and super cool woman, (personal role model of mine), Florence Scovel Shinn. This will be an 8 week study course to dive deeper into the principles of Divine living to manifest our hearts desires and our God-given blessings of love, health, wealth and perfect self-expression- which we all deserve and can have. This course will show you how! Details and registration below.

(Optional) get the book, The Game of Life and How To Play It, by Florence Scovel Shinn

Bring a journal or notepad, an honest effort for an open mind, and the willingness to have your hearts true desires fulfilled.

Are you struggling to make more money?


Are you lonely and scared you won't get the love you want?


Are you dying to find your "thing" or "calling" and share it with the world? 


Do you dream of a vibrant, healthy body and radiant beauty, while suffering in the body you have?

             If you suffer in the areas of health, wealth, love or self-expression, this 8-Week  study course will assist, educate, and support you in having your Divine life. You don't have to settle for what you're used to. You just have to be willing to accept help and receive the blessing. Is this class for you?

1 (90 min) class/per week, for 8 weeks

$145 for the full course or $20/class for 8 weeks

Classes held at:

Hummingbird Studio

5954 Pennsylvania 981, Latrobe, PA, United States

In JG Yoga and wellness center

email or call to register or inquire, space is limited